TrinityTv’s local programming fosters authentic Christian values in the nation, leading to moral development & transformation.

“We have the beginnings of a Catholic Caribbean Television Network. A network that can pull the Caribbean Catholic Churches together.”
(TCN Launch, 2003)
Archbishop of POS
The Most Rev. Charles Jason Gordon


To responsibly & joyfully communicate 

the Good News of Christ in the Catholic Tradition


As we incarnate the Gospel in Caribbean culture, TCN strives to:

Proclaim, celebrate and become the Good News.

TCN will live the Mission & Vision

TRINITY TV...that you may have life!


 In 1993, during her prayer and meditation, Rhonda Maingot, the co-foundress of Living Water Community, received a clarion message within her heart to begin a TV station. It was to be called ‘TRINITY’. With no media experience or background and no idea what this would entail, she called together members of the Community who she felt could contribute. A random group gathered in obedience not knowing what the meeting would be about – a few amateur photographers, some technical-minded souls, a couple artists, a radio announcer – how or why they were invited we will never know for sure but this is where the seed for this communications ministry was planted and it must have been fertile ground.                                                                             


 Trinity Television began with the transmission of Holy Mass. It was Sunday 7th March, 1993. The choir sang the Opening Song and the acolytes led the Entrance Procession. As Archbishop Anthony Pantin stepped into the frame, a voice shouted “Cut!” There was a technological ‘glitch’ and His Grace, known for his sense of humour, was visibly amused as he obliged to make his local Catholic TV debut on “Take Two!”

For several years after that, via an arrangement with FLOW, Trinity Television provided local content on the existing Catholic channel – Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN). Its in-house studio productions increased and many individuals and communities within the Church came forward to contribute and provide content.                                                                   


Finding the necessary balance between television and the digital world, between the tangible and the virtual, Trinity Television naturally expanded into the internet sphere developing its website, creating an internet radio station and branching out on social media platforms. It believes no medium, new or old, should be overlooked when seeking the best way to present the Gospel message. It soon became Trinity Communications Network(TCN).                                               


Fast forward 20 years to September 8th 2013. TCN is granted a broadcasting license by the Telecommunications Authority of T&T and launches its very own 24/7 cable channel – Trinity TV.

It offers a wide variety of high quality content from around the world providing artistic, spiritual and educational programming with a local and global perspective.


Trinity TV continues to be an affiliate of EWTN and has secured global connections with many Catholic providers including Rome Reports (ROME), Catholic Faith Network (NY), Goya Productions (SPAIN), CRTN (GERMANY), Salt and Light (CANADA) and Franciscan Media Centre (JERUSALEM).


TrinityTV uniquely serves the national community, offering a balanced cross-section of life-giving, positive content including cultural and current events. It supports the Archdiocese of POS through promoting and broadcasting its pastoral priorities. TrinityTV’s local programming fosters in the nation, authentic Christian values leading to moral development and transformation.

It has recorded local musical recitals, choirs, ballets, operas and even school concerts broadcasting these on its cable station, streaming on its website and promoting on

Trinity TV actively pursues what Pope Francis asked, “to communicate the face of Church which is home to all.”


                                  “Come journey with us and let the waters of life fill you with Good News.

                                                                Trinity TV that you may have life.

Our Objectives

  • Create an environment of love & spiritual growth
  • Foster in our society authentic Christian values that would lead to the development of the
    whole person & the transformation of society 
  • Give a voice to the poor & marginalized & provide an avenue where their legitimate
    cares can be heard
  • Cherish, encourage, & support each other
  • Be messengers of the Good News who are accountable and dependable to the TCN family,
    the Church & our wider audience
  • Unite the people of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain through promoting and teaching its
    pastoral priorities
  • Adhere at all times to the magisterium of our Church and actively promoting and teaching
    Church doctrine
  • Skillfully and intelligently utilize the technology available to us and by seeking to always
    maintain high standards of performance and production

Global Content Providers