A Ministry of Living Water Community.


Living Water Community is a non-profit, Catholic Ecclesial Community with the canonical status of ‘Public Association of Christ’s Faithful’. The focus of its social and pastoral work has always been on providing “the water of life” to the poor, the suffering, and the afflicted. All of this is made possible through the generosity of those who support through Deeds of Covenant, Donations, Charitable Foundations, Legacies, Fundraising, and (of course) the many satisfied customers who visit the LWC Bookstore and Coffee Shop.


Trinity TV is the communications ministry of Living Water Community and is housed at its main centre on 109 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. It too depends entirely on these donations for its operations. In order to sustain this costly ministry, the station is open to Programme Sponsorship. Its annual week-long Telethon allows viewers to pledge their support.

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Staff & Volunteers

While Trinity TV operates with the help of a dedicated full-time staff, it also employs part-time technicians and relies on the generous hands of many volunteers. At times, persons wishing to learn audio and video skills are taken on as apprentices.

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Dependence on wider community

Since its inception, Trinity TV has worked closely with many Church groups, communities and individuals joining hands with them and granting them a space/a voice to showcase their charisms, to evangelise, to share their views, or to highlight their activities while at the same time giving the channel, Trinity TV a unique mix of programming.