Trinity TV uniquely serves the national community, offering a balanced cross-section of life-giving, positive content including cultural and current events. It supports the Archdiocese of POS through promoting and broadcasting its pastoral priorities.

Trinity TV’s local programming fosters in the nation, authentic Christian values leading to moral and ethical development and transformation.

Peace Rally

Serving the community

 By giving exposure and providing coverage of seminars, conferences, and cultural events. It has recorded local musical recitals, choirs, ballets, operas and even school concerts broadcasting these on its cable station, streaming on its website www.tcntt.com and promoting on TrinityTV@facebook.com

Many of the local artistes rely on this ‘cost-free’ but high-quality service and look forward to TrinityTV’s support annually.

Coverage of these shows also provides a historical archival reservoir for the nation’s creativity, arts and heritage and further serves viewers who were unable to attend.

Many persons in T&T do not have access to cable but are able to use wifi on their cellphones or laptops. TrinityTV video-streams its programming on its website www.tcntt.com and broadcasts its local shows on Facebook ‘live’. This has opened up a spectrum for connectedness for those living in the rural parts of the country and for the less privileged who cannot afford cable. The ‘livestream’ is also available through the TrinityTV Mobile App.

Shepherd's Corner

Serving the archdiocese of port of spain

Through commitment to the Church’s initiatives and pastoral priorities. This takes many forms:

  • Announcing/Communicating its messages by providing a platform for broadcast and marketing
  • Offering a space for special features/productions
  • Coverage of special events, retreats and liturgies – Ordinations, Corpus Christi, Catholic feasts and celebrations
  • Assisting viewers in devotion, spiritual guidance and worship-participation egs. ‘Daily Mass’ and Prayer Meetings
  • Offering regular Archdiocesan spots on the station

Many of the ‘live’ shows invite ‘call-ins’ for viewer interaction and are streamed on Facebook ‘live’ for wider online participation.

TrinityTV’s hope-filled programming nurtures, inspires and supports the local community and church and promotes the sometimes unrealised and unrecognised talents of persons, offering them a space for sharing their giftedness.

Team Member Jasmine @ the Peace Rally

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