Through expansion of its online options for streaming the Trinity TV broadcast, we have been able to connect a wider audience keeping it abreast of global, regional and local Church affairs and thinking, and acting as a source of spiritual sustenance for the faithful. Trinity TV serves the Caribbean diaspora living abroad who strive to stay connected to their Church at home.

TrinityTV is available on FLOW’s cable line-up in Barbados, St Vincent & The Grenadines(SVG) and St Lucia. The Catholic Church in the region falls under the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC). TrinityTV has become a platform for networking, unifying and synergising the message and focus of the AEC bishops in the region.

When Bishop Jason Gordon was installed in Barbados and SVG, TrinityTV was there. When Bishop Gerard County, Bishop Clyde Harvey and Bishop Robert Llanos were ordained in St Vincent, Grenada and Antigua respectively, TrinityTV was there. When the AEC held its Extraordinary Mission Congress in Trinidad (Sept 2019), TrinityTV covered it. And when the closing Mass had to be brought forward because of Tropical Depression Karen, it was carried ‘live’ on FB and viewed by over 10,000 persons!

Caribbean School for Catholic Communications

celebrated its 25th Anniversary in August 2019. TrinityTV has been directly involved in the administration and communications training in this one-week residential programme. Experienced members of the TrinityTV staff act as facilitators and freely share their skills in audio and video production. Each year, approximately 50 local and Caribbean participants have benefitted from this training (ages 18+). Since 2010 the overarching theme has been ‘Forming Missionary Disciples in a Digital Age’ and a sub-theme is identified according to emerging current pastoral issues and concerns. In 2019, the participants focused on climate awareness with their video projects based on “S.P.L.A.S.H. – Save and Protect Our Land, Air, Sea and Home”. Local and foreign guest consultants(online) are brought in to share their expertise and experience.


SIGNIS Caribbean

is an Association of Caribbean Catholic Media Practitioners and Professionals which was launched in 2007 in Trinidad. Trinity TV is a Board Member from its inception and its Station Manager, Lisa Bhajan was voted in as President at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.


SIGNIS ALC (Latin America & The Caribbean)

is one of the regions under which the parent organisation SIGNIS is divided. Presently  SIGNIS recognizes the membership of National Associations in around 100 countries around the globe. SIGNIS ALC recognises 12 National Associates from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru,  Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

There are 18 members that make up the Caribbean non-Spanish speaking subregion, and those are articulated under  SIGNIS ALC as one National Associate –  SIGNIS Caribbean.