Trinity Communications Network (TCN)

Trinidad and Tobago
FLOW 10 /151
ICN 73

FLOW 121

St.Vincent and the Grenadines
FLOW 194

“Put your confidence in God who made you and who loves you. Dare to reach out to others in hope and in trust, and, joining hands and hearts in friendship, help to build a better world. "Saint, Pope John Paul II.

So began the Trinity TV journey when in 1993 the decision was made to use the media of television to showcase this needed perspective.

Trinity TV transmitted the first ‘live’ Mass celebration with Archbishop Pantin on Sunday, March 7th, 1993. Indeed, a new day had dawned and the waters of life joyfully proclaimed the good news of Christ.

Fast forward to September 8th, 2013, Trinity TV began to broadcast 24/7 and secured global partnerships - Vatican TV (CTV); Rome Reports News Agency; Telecare; EWTN; Family Theater Productions; Gateway Films; Salt and Light Television; Franciscan Media Centre from Jerusalem.

Trinity TV’s On-Location team took up the challenge and was soon part of a world-wide team assembled in St.Peter’s Square for the Canonization of Saint John XXII and Saint John Paul II.

We were in Cuba for the Holy Father’s visit in September 19th 2015 and then flew onto the United States for the World Family meeting in Philadelphia.

The Trinity TV On-Location team has recorded dozens of programmes for the local Archdiocese and has been of tremendous service to groups and individuals assisting both the promotion and coverage of events.

The ‘Good News’ goes with you no matter where you are, no matter what country you are in… Trinity TV launched their very own APP in May 2015 to the delight of their regional and international audiences.

Social media has been embraced with Facebook leading the way. Finding the necessary balance between television and the digital media, between the tangible and the virtual, Trinity TV invited the world in via the internet. The website and live feed, broadcast the ‘good news’, applying the artistic, spiritual and educational content from a local and global perspective.

In February 2016, trinity TV welcomed Barbados on Flow channel 121, and in April, St Vincent and the Grenadines on Flow channel 194 and soon to join the Trinity TV will be Grenada and St. Lucia.

A major landmark was reached in 2017 with a weekly live broadcast of Mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Barbados. Trinity TV actively pursues what Pope Francis asked; “to communicate the face of Church which is home to all.”

In March 2017 Trinity TV’s station manager, Lisa Bhajan, was appointed to SIGNIS, World Catholic Association for Communication, Latin America / Caribbean’s Board.

Trinity TV has made inroads into the traditional television market through its educational, spiritual, entertaining and informative programming. “We have the beginnings of a Catholic Caribbean Television Network. A network that can pull the Caribbean Catholic Churches together.” Archbishop Jason Gordon - Archbishop of Port of Spain.

Trinity TV believes no medium, new or old, should be overlooked when seeking the best way to present the Gospel message.

Come journey with us and let the waters of life fill you with good news.

Trinity TV… that you may have life.

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