To Responsibly and joyfully communicate the Good News of Christ in the Catholic Tradition



As we incarnate the Gospel in Caribbean culture, TCN strives to:



  • Proclaim, celebrate and become the Good News.
  • Creating an environment of love and spiritual growth
  • Fostering in our society authentic Christian values that would lead to the development of the whole person and the transformation of society.
  • Giving a voice to the poor and marginalized and providing an avenue where their legitimate cares can be heard.
  • Cherishing, encouraging and supporting each other
  • Being messengers of the Good News who are accountable and dependable to the TCN family, the Church and our wider audience
  • Uniting the people of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain through promoting and teaching its pastoral priorities.
  • Adhering at all times to the magisterium of our Church and actively promoting and teaching Church doctrine.
  • Skillfully and intelligently utilizing the technology available to us and by seeking to always maintain high standards of performance and production
  • Making available on-going guidance and training for existing and new staff and external production teams.
  • Being flexible and prepared to respond willingly to unplanned challenges, changes, requests and opportunities.
  • Being good and responsible stewards of TCN’s equipment, property and resources
  • Continuing to work closely with other groups and communities in spreading the Good News
  • Maintaining the unique TCN branding through regular displays of creative imagery and messages of inspiration and hope